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Workout with a new Horizon

Be stronger then your excuses

Life is what we make it

Ready to start?

Yesterday you said Tomorrow!

We all have the same amount of hours in our day. Deciding how to use your hours is up to you.

Why choose Horizon?

“The gym is not for me.” How many times have you thought that?
You're right! You don't need an overcrowded space, super fit people or going to the gym to take their pictures!
But you know that to feel better, have more energy and vitality, one of the pillars together with proper nutrition is physical activity.


We are a limited number club: reserved for 100 members

Professional Trainers

All our instructors are graduates in sports science

Hygiene and Safety

Hygienically impeccable and sanitized environments.


Live tracking of results

thanks to telemetry it is possible to monitor results and adapt workloads.

Closed number

Our courses are limited to ensure maximum effectiveness

Quality of materials

Our equipment is Technogym: the best the market has to offer.


When The Gym Becomes Your Second Home

EMS training - The fitness of the future

The new training concept that is conquering the world with over 5 million practitioners.
MihaBodytech's advanced technology allows you to stimulate all muscles with minimal effort and in just 20 minutes.
A method so effective that the only way to believe it is to try it.
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The classic leg, abdominal and buttock toning course. Specific for women

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High Intensity Interval Training. Total body cardiovascular training that alternates high intensity exercises with others at lower intensity. The goal is to increase basal metabolic rate, improve aerobic capacity and endurance.

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Professional Trainers

They will take care of you

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We have all kinds ... you are spoiled for choice

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